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PaCT and LPF support

The Consortium for Professional Learning (CPL) offers workshops for current and potential users of PaCT and LPF in Terms 3 and 4, 2018. We have recently added new locations and workshops across the regions.

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Why we are a consortium

The Consortium for Professional Learning (CPL) is contracted by the Ministry of Education to provide Leadership and Assessment and Literacy professional learning and development in the Northern, Central South and Southern regions of New Zealand.

CPL is comprised of two organisations - Evaluation Associates and the University of Auckland - Faculty of Education and Social Work. The two organisations are able to provide high quality facilitation and support to schools that are interested in improving their leadership, assessment processes, and teaching and learning.

When we formed the consortium

As part of the New Zealand government’s approach to lifting student achievement the Ministry of Education has implemented a competitive tendering process for the provision of professional development services to both English-medium and Māori-medium schools throughout the country.

As a result the Consortium of Professional Learning (CPL) contracts for Leadership and Assessment and Literacy/ESOL were formed, and the consortium is actively involved in the provision of professional learning and development for the 2012-14 period.

Governance Board

Below are the contact details for the governance board who manage the Consortium for Professional Learning.

Jeff Nikoia
Name: Jeff Nikoia
Role: Governance Board
Phone: +64 9 923 3261
Graeme Aitken
Name: Graeme Aitken
Role: Governance Board
Phone: 09 623 8899 ext 48821
Michael Absolum
Name: Michael Absolum
Role: Governance Board
Phone: 09 3600827

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