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The Consortium for Professional Learning (CPL) offers workshops for current and potential users of PaCT and LPF in Terms 3 and 4, 2018. We have recently added new locations and workshops across the regions.

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Northern region

This page contains information and resources for students who need a supplementary programme to accelerate progress. Programmes for Students (PfS) - Accelerated Literacy Learning (ALL) and Accelerated Learning in Mathematics (ALiM).

Supporting documents

ALLS PLANNING DAY copy (Word 2007, 111 KB)

For ALLS Planning Session - February 2017.

ALL NL Ppt Planning days 2017 (PDF, 4 MB)

National leaders' powerpoint for years 2 and 3 evaluation and self-review and planning days 2017.

2017 PfS Theory of Action FINAL (Word 2007, 2 MB)

Programmes for Students: Accelerating Learning in Literacy, Accelerating Learning in Mathematics and Mathematics Support Teacher. January 2017.

2017 ALL and ALiM report master August 2017 (Word 2007, 30 KB)

2017 version of the 'School Impact and Refocus Report' for Programmes for Students: Accelerating Learning in Literacy (ALL). The report needs to be completed collaboratively by the inquiry team.

ALL Strategies and Learning Conditions 2017 (PDF, 167 KB)

Strategies and learning conditions for ALL 2017.


This template can be used by teachers to systematically work through what they know about their learners and how to progress their learning.

Overview of BES Dec-2012 (2) (PDF, 3 MB)

Overview of Best Evidence Synthesis findings. The BES programme brings together research-based evidence to explain what works and why in education.

Self review tool - Rubrics 4, 6, 9 (Word 2007, 117 KB)

Self-review tool for schools: focus on students achieving below curriculum expectations in literacy (Years 1-8)

Spiral of Inquiry template (Word 2007, 150 KB)

Timperley H., Kaser L. and Halbert J. A framework for transforming learning in schools: Innovation and the Spiral of Inquiry. Centre for Strategic Education April 2014

CaAP School curriculum and achievement action plan template (Word 2007, 199 KB)

School curriculum and achievement action plan template. This plan is to be built up and reviewed over time.

Helping ALL schools with e-asTTle writing - Final (PDF, 834 KB)

A guide that is designed to help all schools with using the e-asTTle tool, regardless of whether they are experienced or new users of the tool.

Scoring e-asTTle writing - ALL schools Final (PDF, 457 KB)

A guide to scoring e-asTTle writing and using the conversion table.

Gaylene Price National Leader Year 1 2016[1] (PDF, 4 MB)

ALL national leader messages 2016.

2016 ALL Intake 1 Yr 1 Evaluation day (PDF, 5 MB)

ALL evaluation and self-review day 2016

Readings that are essential and inform this work

ERO Raising achievement in primary schools (ALiM and ALL) 6 June 2014 (1) (PDF, 1 MB)

Education Review Office (2014). Raising Achievement in Primary Schools: Accelerating Learning in Maths (ALiM) and Accelerating Literacy Learning. June 2014.

BES-Exemplar3 (PDF, 4 MB)

Alton-Lee, A., Timperley, H., Parr, J. and Dreaver, K. (2012).  BES Exemplar 3. Ngā Kete Raukura – He Tauira 3. Teacher and student use of learning goals. Ministry of Education. This resource explains how student progress can be accelerated when teachers are supported to attend to learning goals. The exemplar illustrates the connection between the effective use of goals and effective feedback for students.

Learning in the Fast Lane - Chapter 1 (PDF, 285 KB)

Pepper Rollins, S. (2014). Learning in the Fast Lane: 8 ways to put ALL students on the road to academic success. ASCD.

Spiral of Inquiry (PDF, 1 MB)

Timperley, H., Kaser, L., and Halbert, J. (2014, April). A framework for transforming learning in schools: Innovation and the spiral of inquiry. Centre for Strategic Education, Seminar Series Paper No. 234.

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