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PaCT and LPF support

The Consortium for Professional Learning (CPL) offers workshops for current and potential users of PaCT and LPF in Terms 3 and 4, 2018. We have recently added new locations and workshops across the regions.

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Evaluation Associates

Who we are

We are an independent consultancy company. We specialise in providing professional development, evaluation and research to the education sector. We are very happy to be working as a member of the Consortium for Professional Learning (CPL) and value the skills each organisation brings to the consortium.

Our vision

Real change comes when you work with facilitators who are  highly capable and whom you trust. We start by listening to ensure we understand who you are and what you want to achieve. We work with you to carefully analyse your current situation and what  needs to happen for you to get the results you want. We design support that fits your needs and your budget. We monitor how the support is working to ensure that we are all on-track  and that you achieve your goals.

The strengths we bring to CPL

  • A way of working that understands and supports schools’ determination to raise student achievement.
  • A way of working that builds stronger relationships for learning in the school and community.
  • A way of working that builds on schools’ current knowledge and leads to sustainable improvement.

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